Workshop Description

Value Proposition/Summary

As a Global Controller of M&M/Mars, a Wealth Manager/Owner of a Fee-Only RIA, Professor of Financial Planning at the University of South Florida and Visiting Professor at Texas Tech University, Mattia has mentored scores of young women in the finance industry. She's seen many women hit stumbling blocks early in their professional lives and then, consequently, give up on rewarding careers in finance.

With this workshop, Mattia will help women identify the pitfalls they're likely to encounter, create a game plan that will help them transcend the limitations of their workplace cultures, and collaborate with other women in finance to create healthier work environments. Without this discussion as their guide, women in finance are in danger of succumbing to isolation and assuming that their struggles are unique to them and not the result of a culture that was created decades ago without their needs and backgrounds in

Mattia's swift rise from cost accountant to Global Controller of M&M/Mars often brought her into conflict with her peers, and her personal stories, anecdotes and copious academic research from her PhD on the gender gap in financial literacy and financial services will help women identify the internal and  external obstacles to their success. Her workshop will also provide a means of overcoming these obstacles through personal reflection and strategy-building exercises.

Who is the Audience

Mattia's primary audience is women who have worked hard to secure promising career positions in finance. Mattia wants to encourage, empower and educate women at a stage of their careers, when many are losing the idealism they had in school and beginning to question their commitment to the industry after enduring their first significant setbacks in the workplace. With the insights and strategies from this workshop Mattia hopes her audience will develop a thicker skin with which to survive the slings and arrows of the industry and will develop a customized success strategy for the finance career of their dreams.

The workshop’s typical audience is Erin, 32, a senior financial advisor who is concerned she's not on partner track due to her inability to comfortably socialize with her male superiors at bars and on the golf course. She's also recently become aware that her direct reports project their girlfriends' or mothers' “nagging” onto her when she gives them instructions or follows up on their progress. In her annual review, she noticed that she and the other female financial advisors were more harshly penalized than their male peers for the department's short-comings.

Erin sailed through school, often told by professors and her parents that she “could do anything she put her mind to.” But now, she often stays awake nights wondering, “Is it me? What am I doing wrong?” Erin was thrilled when she got her first job in finance right out of college, but now she is starting to doubt her chosen profession and her ability to climb its ladder. She's thinking about returning to graduate school for a master's in education, even though a teaching career won't satisfy her financial goals.

Length of Workshop and Content

Since this program was created in modules it can be adjusted to fit the time line of the venue. The workshop includes three major components with exercises and discussion. Whether a two-day retreat or a one hour talk, the presentation will always include three points;

  • Recognizing the Prize – Rewards of a Career in Finance- Be Inspired
  • Understanding the Hidden Challenges – Awareness is Power
  • Creating a Strategic Career Plan – Strategies to build Confidence and Control for Success

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