WoMEN’s Credo

The WoMEN Credo is a set of beliefs that guide women to achieving a successful career in finance. It unites all of us in our collaboration to support and encourage all women in achieving their vision.

  • We have a strategy and a vision for our careers that is directly aligned with our values.
  • We are highly competent. We make certain that our technical skills in personal finance are broad and deep. We are continuous learners and make certain that we keep up with this dynamic and fast paced industry.
  • We embrace mentoring and advocating and go out of our way to help other female financial professionals by supporting them to be successful.
  • We are aligned with our stakeholders: employers, partners, third party service providers, and suppliers. Through this alignment, we are able to better serve our clients and achieve greater success.
  • Our goals are SMART and we manage the progress of our goals so they are achieved.
  • We focus on our strengths, which results in greater career happiness and a vicious cycle where we are fully and consciously engaged in our career.
  • We look for opportunities where we can fulfill our vision and make the highest contribution to the organizations where we work.
  • We are aware of our weaknesses and the threats to our careers and take steps to minimize our vulnerability while preparing our strategy. After that, we don’t spend time thinking about these distractors and instead keep our eyes focused on our vision.
  • We are genuine in all of our relationships, with our clients, stakeholders and advocacy boards. We don’t try to be something we are not. We value honesty and trust. We are loyal and will strive to always deliver. We are quick to own missteps and work diligently to turn everything right again.
  • We celebrate all female financial professional wins since a win for the individual is a win for all of us!

Our Mission:

To positively prepare, inform and advocate for women to be successful within the financial services organizations.

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