What I Believe and Why I Do What I Do

My Mission:
To positively prepare, inform and advocate for women to be successful within the financial services organizations.

I believe people need competent, responsible and ethical advice given in their best interest. They need guidance from a fiduciary. The emerging financial planning profession is paving the way to deliver fiduciary advice but the traditional financial services industry (and their lobbyist) are fighting it. This is why I support the Fee-Only (not fee-based) movement and NAPFA where all advisors are fiduciaries.  

I believe the vision of the financial planning profession where all planners are fiduciaries will evolve from a new breed of financial advisor who has studied the financial planning body of knowledge, preferably from a Business College within a University and sat for the CFP exam - similar to how students become CPA’s. This is why I created a new degreed program at Muma College of Business at University of South Florida to train this new breed of competent and ethical advisors.

I believe the financial planning profession will better serve the community if more women participate. Although the industry is making efforts to include women, the women themselves need support, advocacy and encouragement to push through and circumvent the existing gender-challenges. This is why I created WoMEN workshops, WoMEN Advocacy Circle programs and wrote Gender On Wallstreet: Uncovering Opportunities for Women in Financial Services, to help women in financial services consciously engage in their career to achieve success.

I believe all women must engage in their financial lives since participation can improve the quality of their life and the quality of their relationships. This is why I promote education at places such as the Women’s Resource Center in Sarasota, Florida and why I encourage female financial planners to work with women by showcasing their work with the Women’s Money Empowerment Network podcast.

I believe money is the final source of power and inequity. I am calling for a fourth wave of the women’s movement to encourage all women to gain control over money. Helping women to live their lives without worry and on their own terms is a goal for us all to strive for! Please join the calling.

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